This portable charcoal grill is highly recommended if you are going to an outdoor activity like camping, picnic and many other. The best advantage you can get by using this portable charcoal grill is that you can bring anywhere you go, just like the name of the grill. In other words, it is pretty handy and the meat that you grill will taste as delicious as when you use other kinds of the grill. If you are going to know more about how to use this portable charcoal grill, simply read the article below until the end.

The important steps to use a portable charcoal grill

  1. Make sure that the portable charcoal parts are complete and set properly

A portable charcoal grill consists of 6 parts which are strap, cabinet, heat shield, coal bucket, grid, and lid. Those are the right order from the bottom to the top that you need to set in preparing a portable charcoal. Here, one of the important parts that you need to notice is the heat shield which you have to place correctly under the coals bucket. Heat shield functions to reduce the heat from the grill to go to the surface. Make sure that you stand this properly, if not, then you may cause any damage to the surface. Of the grill

  1. Prepare the charcoal and the lighter

The size of a portable charcoal grill is much smaller than the usual one. So, here, you don’t need to prepare many charcoals. A single bag of charcoals will be enough for you to grill some pieces of meat. The way you fill the coal bucket with the charcoals depends on the lighter you use. If you use firelighter, then set the charcoals into a pyramid in the middle of the coal bucket and place the small firelighter among the coals. Meanwhile, if you use a barbecue lighting fluid, don’t forget to spread the liquid evenly and simply light it up.

  1. Wait until it is ready and grill

Before grilling the meat, you need to wait for around 30 minutes until the charcoal is ready to use. Here, if you can see that the charcoals have turned a bit into grey ashes, then you may start to grill. Make sure you don’t overfill the coal bucket to prevent you from overheating. Also, it is hardly recommended to add more barbecue liquid to the hot coals since it probably causes you to get burnt or even any other severe injuries.

In using a portable charcoal grill, you may grill with the lid open or closed. Besides, you can cook kinds of delicious steaks, chicken, vegetables, and much more with this simple and handy portable charcoal grill. To get a better taste, it is highly recommended to use the open-lid grilling which most people usually do. Also, don’t forget to visit if you want to get any information and tips about grilling.